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Welcome parents and students!

Bully Alert! is a series of stories that works in conjunction with The Beginning of a Hero series as a pro-active bully prevention program for elementary school students though 6th grade.

These two sets of stories work together to offer an academic language which says, “A bully is a person who hurts others on purpose (even if it’s just hurting their feelings), but a HERO is a person who HELPS others!  So choose to be a HERO by HELPING instead of a bully by hurting.”

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Links are also available to access stories from The Beginning of a Hero series along with “Life Lesssons” from A Reflection of Your Future.

The Burger Battle

Mr. Delaney’s Father

Two Football Fans

“It Was Just An Accident!”

Thumper Gets Stopped

A Bookworm and a Social Butterfly

End of the Year Discussion

Rex Makes a Life Choice

The Perps Saw Pink

Heroes Help Themselves

The Girl With the Long Hair

Lisa’s Long Day

Rebecca and Her Three Friends

Wyndel, the Horseback Rider

Jacob and the Star Crunch

Ray and the Science Project


Vandalizing is Wrong

Her Mother is a Teacher

Laura Can’t Swim

The Bouncing Pencil

He Was Told He Can’t Sing

Mrs. Reeves Is Retiring

My Dad’s On the School Board

Carlos and Brandon

It Happened In The Library

Laura Gets Tripped

Daniel Loved Music

Betsy’s New Clothes

Sam Was New At the School

Comparing Grades

The Class Clown

My Friend Is Not Cool

Her Brother Is In Prison

Christopher’s New Backpack

I Can’t Go

My Daddy’s Job

Carla Enjoys Reading

The Science Nerd

The Teacher’s Pet

Learning English

Larry’s Limp

The Game of Keep Away

The Hundred Dollar Bill

Jump, Deshan, Jump!

Kids Will Just Be Kids

Mr. Delaney, The Storyteller

Not Enough Seats

She Copied My Answers

The Extra-Credit Service Project

Elyse and Matthew Visit Aunt Becky

Nicholas and the Three Tormentors

Shelly and the Field Trip Money

Trey, His Friend, and Coach Sheffield

Those Boys Need Help!

Blah! Blah! Blah!

The Movie

Jeremy’s Big Choice

The Lasagna Dinner

Rachel and the New Kid

Mr. Delaney Was a Tattle-tale?!

Austin Strikes Out

The Exercise Ball

The Conversation

Jenny’s Cat

The Two Sarahs

The Bus Incident

When I Grow Up

A Lot of Meanness Going On

The Second Time Around

Mr. Delaney’s Favorite Story

Three Markers, Two Friends, and One HERO

The Cafeteria Kicker


I Need a Pencil

The Chair Incident

Jason’s Story

When I Crossed the Line

I Said I Was Sorry

At the Skating Rink

A Bird in the Tree

He’s Just My Little Brother

Where is Juan’s Backpack?

To Shoplift or Not to Shoplift

In the Cafeteria

Tevin Gives the Wrong Answer

Picture Day

The Litter Bug

The Coat Incident

Scary Stories

Obedience School

Skateboarding on the Driveway

Erica Didn’t Tattle

Practicing Their Music

Jennifer and the Cyber-Bully

One Coat and a Marker

Jenny’s Dad, The Hero

The Making of a Hero

A Full Circle

The Boy Who Couldn’t Read

Terry Jones is NOT Hurtful

Robbie Lives in a Trailer

A Collision in the Hallway

Achievers and Non-Achievers

Marcus, The Flower Boy

Jenny’s Dog Died

Lauren Meets a Real Hero

New School Teaches New Things