A Reflection of Your Future is a series of “Life Lessons” presented as one-minute commentaries for students in 7th through 12th grades (and older!)  These segments are designed to be played (audio) school-wide on the intercom or (video) on CCTV.

Heard also on radio, these segments offer older students the concept of POSITIVE PERSONAL VISION as they move toward adulthood.

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Enjoy the sample segments below with our compliments, then scroll for additional titles available with your membership:

Making Choices is Important

Your Greatest Power

Discipline Yourself

Take Charge of Your Life

Raise Your Expectations

Additional titles (with membership) include:

Build a Foundation

Prepare Yourself for Real Life

Package Yourself Attractively

Don’t Risk Your Life For a Thrill

Be On Time and Be Prepared

Save Money

Seek Advice

Stay On Course


Guard Your Attitude

Education is Important

Have a Greater Life

Get a “Get It Done” Attitude

Avoid Fads

Achieve True Independence

Effort is Greater Than Ability

Set Goals

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Stop Bullying!

The Past is Not Just for Old People

Determine Yourself to a Higher Plane

Stand For Something

Learn About Cause and Effect

Think BIG!

Use Your Resources

Learn To Earn

Never Escape Problems

Get a Maintenance Program

Learn to Read Well

Avoid Emotional Decisions

Don’t Limit Your Options

Build a Positive Work Ethic

Value Responsibility

Look for the Good

Make Commitments Early

Do Your Part

Never Stop Learning

Drive Yourself

Make Love Visible

Just Do It!

Visualize Your Future

Stop Complaining

Get the Chip Off Your Shoulder

Become Truly Broad Minded

Seek Information

 Plan! Plan! Plan!

Be Enthusiastic!

Become an Expert

Take Time to Think

Plan Financially For Your Future

Develop Self-Confidence

When You’re Wrong, Admit It

Educate Your Fears

Be an Encourager


Dress Respectably

Think Before You Act

Do What You Must Do

Maintain Your Health

It’s All Been Done Before

Credibility is Valuable

Organize Your Time

Avoid a “Crisis Mentality”

Discuss Problems Effectively

Keep Entertainment In Perspective

Don’t Be a Know It All

Place Blame Carefully

Be Career Minded

Never Compromise Your Future

Ask “How Am I Smart?”

Be Passionate, Courageous, and Willing

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Grow Your Ideals

Master the Art

 “Design Your Luck”

Maintain Your Heading

Learn to Live a Successful Life

Notice the Big Picture

The Drug of Choice

There Is NOT “Nothing To Do”

Make Things Happen

Open Your Eyes and See Your Future

Learn to Deal With Bullies

Your Goals Must Be Realistic

Carry Your Own Weight

If You Don’t Like It, Change It!

Become a Leader

Pay Attention and Be Diligent


Be Valuable, Not Important

Try, Really Try!

And many more…

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