About Jim Lord

Jim is a former long-time radio personality, professional speaker, and columnist, who is directing his efforts toward the encouragement of young people. A parent of six children, Jim promotes the philosophy that positive personal vision is the single most important thought process of successful youth.

“If from the earliest years a person can clearly and realistically visualize his or her own future existence, life-altering decisions are likely to be made with greater care. I am merely attempting to predict to my youthful audiences what those choices may be and what consequences could occur, positively or negatively. I think it is important for a young person to seriously ponder the question, ‘What am I going to be when I growup (career-wise)?’ But I think first and more importantly one should ask, ‘What kind of person do I want to be (character-wise)?’ I also address issues like personal appearance, work ethic, fad following, and attitudes, all of which are manifestations of character, and I try to encourage young people to think carefully before reaping long-term negative consequences.”

Jim writes and produces a  presentation for middle school and high school entitled, A Reflection of Your Future, a collection of “Life Lessons and Supporting Stories” packaged in easy-to-understand 60-second audio segments for broadcast over school intercom systems during morning announcements.

He also writes and produces The Beginning of a Hero and Bully Alert!, designed for students in grades K-6 as a proactive bully prevention / POSITIVE PERSONAL VISION program, and he follows up with personal appearances in school assembly presentations. His programs are applauded as timely and effective tools for teaching character and personal vision.