Audio Samples

Hear what we do! Simply click the links below to hear sample segments of TheBeginning of a Hero™Bully Alert™, and The Beginning of LITTLE Heroes™. Also hear a brief message about Positive Personal Vision, and sample segments of A Reflection of Your Future™ for middle school and high school intercoms.

The Beginning of a Hero™ – Helen Keller
“It is a wonderful program and our children benefit from it so much!” 
—Rebecca Blalock, Elementary School Counselor

The Beginning of a Hero™ – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The kids are really taken with the big voice that we call ‘Our good friend Jim Lord!’ If on the off chance a morning goes by that we do not have either a Hero or Bully tale the kids really let me know it. They like hearing about kids just like them who were able to make a difference for themselves and others as well. 
—Ray Morrow, Elementary School Principal

Bully Alert™ – Terry Jones is Not a Bully
“I love this program! We use it in our school every Tuesday and Thursday. The Bully Alert is my favorite. Please continue to provide this program – it is great!” 
—Connie Long, Elementary School Counselor

Bully Alert™ – The Game of Keep Away
I have noticed a difference in my student’s attitudes and treatment of each other since using this program for the last two years. WE LOVE IT!!” 
—Jenene Dale, Elementary School Counselor

The Beginning of LITTLE Heroes™ – Jennifer’s Crayons Get Broken
We have had so much positive feedback not only from kids but from parents who have heard the programs.  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the program.”
—Bob Wood, Elementary School Principal

Positive Personal Vision – by Jim Lord
I use Jim’s programs in three different ways. Weekly Bully and Hero messages, and I use his Mr. Delaney’s Mirror for our 8th grade to discuss their future and life choices.”
—Sabrina Stobnicki, Youth Services Coordinator

A Reflection of Your Future: Achieve True Independence – by Jim Lord

A Reflection of Your Future: Prepare Yourself for Real LIfe – by Jim Lord

A Reflection of Your Future: Exercise Your Greatest Power – by Jim Lord

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