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Dear Principal,

As you know, the BUDGET CRISIS in Education is unprecedented!

BULLYING has become the nation’s number one social concern for our schools!

In an effort to assist in both areas of concern, The Character Network™ is offering a proven effective, proactive BULLY-PREVENTION PROGRAM for your school.

When your school becomes a member of The Character Network, you will receive a unique membership number that will activate your site license. Then you will have FULL ACCESS to all resources available from The Character Network. PLUS, you’ll be able to share them FREE OF CHARGE with parents and students AT HOME!

This program is amazingly EASY to use…

It does not take precious time away from classroom instruction.
In fact, this program requires only 4 minutes a week!

This elementary school program consists of two pre-recorded and professionally produced sets of 2-minute stories to be played twice a week school-wide during morning announcements.

AND…you will receive all new audio/video sets with all new stories each new school year!

One set is entitled The Beginning of a Hero™.  The other is called The Beginning of a FAMOUS Hero™.


Simply play a story from each series one day per week throughout the school year for all students and teachers to hear. (Typically, stories are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays during morning announcements.)

See what other educators are saying about the RESULTS they’re finding by using this program. View video testimonials here.

Your annual Membership Fee (which includes your site license) is only $720.00.

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It’s very easy! You have THREE options:

– Option ONE –  (Electronically)

Simply download the 2017-2018 Membership Agreement Form.  Then, print, complete, sign, and FAX to 903-586-4418 or scan to PDF and email to 

Then pay electronically with PayPal or a credit card.  (Choose One Year Membership, Jim Lord’s LIVE Assembly Program, or Membership PLUS Jim Lord’s LIVE Assembly Program.

Payment Options

– Option TWO –  (By Mail)

Simply download the 2017-2018 Membership Agreement Form. Then, print, complete, sign, and mail with check or purchase order to: The Character Network | P.O. Box 8484 | Jacksonville, Texas 75766


– Option THREE –  (Third Party Partner)

Simply download the 17-18 Partnership Agreement Form. Print, complete, and sign. Then identify a third-party funder. (This option is very popular!) It can be your PTA/PTO, or any local business or service club. Note, in the event that a business or service club wishes to partner with you, each story may end with, “Provided in partnership with First State Bank,” or “Provided in partnership with your local Kiwanis Club,” etc. There will be a $100 studio charge added to the site license fee for customized acknowledgements. But, if the same partner funds multiple schools, the studio charge applies only once per school year. Once your partner has agreed to fund your license, simply call us at 1-800-364-6883, and we will complete the transaction with your sponsor.

Note: If we can HELP you find that third-party partner, CALL US!  We’ll be happy to assist!!

Again, see what other educators are saying about the RESULTS they are finding with their use of this program!

If you have ANY QUESTIONS please don’t hesitate to call toll free, 800-364-6883.


Jim Lord, Founder
The Character Network | P.O. Box 8484 | Jacksonville, Texas 75766
800-364-6883 (toll free) | 903-586-4418 (fax) |

Personal Responsibility / Positive Personal VISION
Proactive Bully Prevention

Live Assembly Programs are Available, too!