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*Member codes change with each new school year, so be sure to ask your school administrator each fall.

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Welcome to The Character Network.  For only $29.95 a year, you can access all of the resources of The Character Network for you students at home.

We teach PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and POSITIVE PERSONAL VISION, along with positive ways to treat and relate to others.  As you know, BULLYING has become the nation’s number one social concern in our schools!

Hundreds of member schools are now seeing amazing results from our resources, now available to you at home!

AND, of course, if your child’s school is a Member School of The Character Network, your PERSONAL membership is NOT $29.95 a year…it’s not $3.00 a month…it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Simply contact your child’s school and ask for their exclusive MEMBER NUMBER.  (It will be a 4-digit number followed by a dash and then 2 more numerals.)  Simply CLICK HERE and enter that number in the appropriate box.

See what other educators are saying about the RESULTS they are finding with their use of this program!  www.TheCharacterNetwork.org/Testimonials

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Bully Prevention / Positive Personal VISION
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