“We use The Beginning of a Hero / Bully Alert program each Tuesday and Thursday, and we are seeing remarkable results. Our students love it! The stories hold the attention of our students and they promote great discussions in the classrooms. It’s a wonderful program… it is a WONDERFUL program!”
— Kevin Cordes, Principal
Branch Elementary School
Edwards Air Force Base, California


“We’ve seen a huge change in our student body and the way our students behave [ ] because of the program!”

— Chris Knoch, Principal
Fall River Elementary School
Fall River Mills, California


“I highly recommend this program! One of the best things it’s done for our school in the last five years is create a common language that all of the teachers and all of the students can share when we talk about bullies. It gives everybody the same approach…”

— Marisa Eddins, Principal
Andrews Elementary School
Portland, Texas


“I appreciate this program. I appreciate what it’s doing for our kids…”

— Dr. Kevin Bott, Principal
Hanna Springs Elementary School
Lampasas, Texas


“We have used The Beginning of a Hero for 12 years now, and of course the addition later of Bully Alert. This is an excellent tool for teaching our children problem solving and respect for one another.”

— Dr. Janel Sewell, Principal
Pine Ridge Elementary School
Livingston, Texas


“We have really enjoyed having a partnership with The Character Network. The programs have greatly influenced our students to do their very best. It is such an inspiration to our students that they, themselves have decided to start an anti-bullying group…”

— Perla Franco Wheeler, Counselor
San Pedro Elementary School
Robstown, Texas


“The students listen to the stories and they pick out certain things and I can really see them applying what they’ve learned to their lives…They take it home to their parents and even the parents are becoming involved!”

— Sara Lou Wilkerson, Counselor
Dawson Elementary School
Corpus Christi, Texas


“This program is something I would recommend for any school. We happen to be a Catholic school, but I see it playing very well in a Catholic school, private, school, or public school.”

— Hannah Everhart, Principal
Immaculate Heart of Mary School
Belmont, California


“These are real-life lessons that the kids can identify with… We do feel like our discipline referrals have declined through the years because of this program, and we will continue to use this program.”

— Sherri Randall, Principal
Cain Elementary School
Whitehouse, Texas


“Our staff and students alike have had nothing but positive comments about the program. They love it! It brings about excellent discussion in the classroom!

— Donna Smith, Principal
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
Bakersfield, California


“The ‘Beginning of a Hero’ is FUN to listen to and has such a great message. The ‘Bully Alert’ stories enable our students to identify bullying senarios and now they actually use these tools themselves, often without adult assistance.”

— Lauri Mapes, Principal
Glen Rose Intermediate School
Glen Rose, Texas


“I do highly recommend ‘The Beginning of a Hero’ [ ] and the ‘Bully Alert’ program. It has been a great asset to our school…!”

— Robert Reeve, Principal
Eustace Intermediate School
Eustace, Texas


“[This program} makes a positive impact on our students and allows them to relate to being good citizens of our community and our society.”

— Scott Henninger, Counselor
Pittsburg Intermediate School
Pittsburg, Texas


“The recordings that we are provided are very, very well made and just very enjoyable… I HIGHLY recommed these to schools…[ ] It’s just a great program!”

— Sabrina Stobnicki, CIS Coordinator
Harts Bluff School District
Mt. Pleasant, Texas


“We have implemented ‘The Beginning of a Hero / Bully Alert [program] in our school… [ ] Students have really taken an interest in the [program]… [ ] Throughout the day we remind the students frequently, ‘Don’t be a bully, be a Hero.’ It has really made a difference in our discipline…”

— Christine Acosta, Assistant Principal
Petty Elementary School
Taft, Texas


“It’s been a good thing for us here. This is very easy to do, it’s very quick, [ ] and it’s highly effective. I would recommend it to anybody…”

— Clay Freeman, Principal
Wylie Elementary School
Henderson, Texas


“These CDs, with ‘The Beginning of a Hero’ and ‘Bully Alert” stories are an excellent way to get a good positive message out to the kids…”

— Brad Bassano, Principal
Blossom Elementary School
Blossom, Texas


Additional References by Request via e-mail!