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“…This [program] takes [our students] back to people who were children, just like they are and shows them how they can make a difference — how working hard, even when it isn’t easy — how doing the right thing, even when it isn’t easy — just has such a great impact on the world around them. We use it as a part of our overall character development program, and I will say that it is probably the single most important piece that we use.”

– Mary Dickson, Counselor
Heights Elementary School
Texas City, Texas

“The stories that are told are situations that our kids get into every day. And they’re so real for the students that they can relate…” “…what we’re doing is we’re front-loading for them and providing examples…” “…They’re very receptive to it because it’s right at their level…” “It’s a phenomenal program and…it’s easy!”

– Timothy Torres, Principal
Keyes Elementary School
Keyes, California

“…What we’ve seen as most impactful is it’s changing the language our children use. [] It really has decreased the amount of children that come through my office on a daily basis…”

— Sarah Nitsos, Principal
Juan de Anza Elementary School
Hawthorne, California

“I think the program is wonderful! I highly recommend it to any school to incorporate it with what they are doing, whether it is their character program or bully awareness…just whatever they’re doing, I do highly recommend the program.”

— Wendy Turner, Counselor
Chapel Hill Elementary School
Mount Pleasant, Texas

“We are very glad to have The Character Network back in our school… We used it probably four years ago. We had to step away from it because we didn’t have sponsorship for a while…and honestly came back to it because there wasn’t anything else that compared to The Character Network.”

– Leigh Ann Hawthorne, Principal
Austin Elementary School
Memphis, Texas

“I’ve had experience with this program for TEN years. [] This is my third school where we’ve had this program, so I am a full believer in it. I see the results of what happens when you do have this program…I’ve seen in it in the three schools that I’ve worked in.”

– Malinda King, Principal
Kings Manor Elementary School
Kingwood, Texas

“Without a doubt, I would recommend The Character Network to our other schools in the area, other schools in our county, our state, our nation. It’s timeless, and it absolutely connects to any school system, any situation.”

— Kristi Watson, Principal
Bautista Creek Elementary School
Hemet, California

“Statistically, our school has seen a drop in referrals as well as suspensions in the three years we’ve been using this program. It’s certainly something I would recommend to other schools in the metropolitan L.A. area as well as throughout the nation…”

— Patrick Walker, Principal
Wittmann Elementary School
Cerritos, California

“I would highly recommend both The Character Network program to where it could be used throughout the school year, as well as having Jim Lord come to the site with an assembly. I think it’s very complimentary to have them both.”

— Melissa Valentine, Principal
John F. Kennedy Elementary School
Artesia, California

“Jim Lord’s stories are a perfect way to make ‘bullying’ a real topic of conversation.”
“We enthusiastically use ‘The Beginning of a Hero’ and ‘Bully Alert’ stories on ALL of our elementary campuses, and highly recommend this program for a number of reasons…”

— Darla Czerwinski, Assistant Superintendent
Gregory-Portland School District
Portland, Texas

“I would recomment this program to ANYONE WHO CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON IT!

— Debra Williamson, Counselor
Vivian Fowler Elementary School
Mt. Pleasant, Texas

“This is quite possibly the EASIEST program to use with the HIGHEST IMPACT for our students!”

— Ben Wilroy, Principal
Huntington Intermediate School
Huntington, Texas

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